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Hi! I’m Noye Sounson

Welcome! I’m Noye Sounson, and for over 20 years, I’ve been passionate about sharing the power of Thai Traditional Yoga with people around the world. My journey began in Thailand, where I immersed myself in the ancient practice. I then brought my knowledge to America, where I’ve refined my teaching methods to make Thai massage techniques accessible to a everyone.

My passion lies in making this traditional Thai practice accessible and adaptable to Western lifestyles. I believe that everyone deserves to experience the profound relaxation and rejuvenation that Thai massage can bring. So, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just looking for a way to unwind and de-stress, I’m here to guide you on this path to holistic well-being.

My Mission is Simple:

To bridge the gap between tradition and modern life. I believe that everyone can benefit from Thai yoga’s unique blend of assisted stretches, acupressure, and mindfulness.

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