Hand and Arm: Learn Thai Yoga Massage Body Work with your Partner

Learn Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Deep-Tissue Therapeutic Massage, and Gentle Rhythmic Thai Techniques

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This course teaches you ancient Thai massage techniques you can easily use at home on your partner, friend, or family member. You’ll learn four powerful routines that target the hands, wrists, forearms, and shoulders. The course is designed with a unique “giver-receiver” approach, so you’ll take turns practicing on each other, creating a deeper connection.

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“Thank you for making my stay in Chang Mai so relaxing, fun, enjoyable, Thank You for sharing your Knowledge wisdom with me. I hope we meet again soon. I feel like I’m saying good Bfe to a Dear friend.”

Vicky Andexson

“Dear Noy something beautiful to look at. I enjoyed every minute of learning with you. You are a beautiful person and very good teacher. Thank you very much for the new knowlege. god bless you in everything”

Liat Dinat

Course Instructor

Noye Sounson

Welcome! I’m Noye Sounson, and for over 20 years, I’ve been passionate about sharing the power of Thai Traditional Yoga with people around the world. My journey began in Thailand, where I immersed myself in the ancient practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Our courses are designed for everyone, beginners welcome! Expert instructor Noye Sounson will teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step.
No worries! Thai Yoga Massage focuses on assisted stretches, so your partner will gently guide you into comfortable positions. The focus is on relaxation, not being a gymnast!
While Thai Yoga Massage is designed for couples, you can technically take the course alone. You could practice on a friend or family member, or simply learn the techniques for self-massage. However, the real magic happens when you connect with a partner!
Our courses range from around 25 minutes to a full course length, depending on the specific body area you choose. This gives you flexibility to find a course that fits your schedule.



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